Dog walking
Dog walking
Dog Walker Cat Sitter
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Dog Walker Cat Sitter

dog walking and Pet Care Services 

Aldershot, Ash, Ash Vale, tongham, North Camp
and surrounding areas


I have been a qualified and registered Veterinary Nurse since 2004 and have over 25 years experience in working with animals.

Having had animals as part of my family throughout my life and through my job as a Veterinary Nurse I understand how important your pets are, so I will always treat them as if they were my own. I appreciate each pet is different so will always ensure I tailor the care given to suit their individual needs.

I am fully insured, DBS checked and references are available upon request. I own an air conditioned, non-signed transport, fitted with individual cages and comfy bedding for your dog’s comfort while travelling to and from walks.

My name is Gemma and I run  Happy at Home Pet Care.

Dog Walker Cat Sitter
Dog Walker Cat Sitter


Dog walking

Your dog can be walked alone or with other dogs, depending on your preference, but no more than four dogs will be walked at one time.

For older dogs, recuperating dogs or puppies who have solo walks, I can use the time for a short walk, combined with time at home for affection, grooming or play.

All dogs are securely transported in an air conditioned car with blankets, duvets and VetBeds for maximum comfort! For your security my car is unsigned, so my vehicle will not alert anyone to your absence.

Depending on your requests, dogs can be walked in woodland or fields, on or off lead  and I am happy to play games with your dog(s) and reinforce any training or routines that you have in place.
Before leaving dogs back at home always check that water bowls are full, wet dogs are towelled down and I can follow any feeding or medication requests you might have.

Cat visits

Dog Walker Cat Sitter
Dog Walker Cat Sitter

I understand how difficult it can be to leave your cat(s) when you go away, but you can be assured that I look after every cat as if they were my own and strive to ensure they're as happy and contented as they would be if you were there with them.

During each visit, I will feed your cat(s), give them fresh water and make a big fuss of them or play a game- if that's what they like. I will  brush them and clean out any litter trays as necessary. I'm also happy to give them any medication that is required.

To help give you peace of mind I can also text or email you with updates and photos while you are away.

Dog Walker Cat Sitter

Pet Visits

I will visit your pet(s) in your home to check on them, give them fresh food and water, clean out their cage /bedding as necessary and give them cuddles and exercise or treats as appropriate!

I  have experience with a wide variety of pets and in addition to dogs and cats I can care for the following:
Budgies, Chickens, Chinchillas, Degus, Ducks, Ferrets, Gerbils, Goats, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Mice, Rats, Rabbits and Tortoises.

Small animal visits can be combined with cat sitting visits for no extra cost.
If you are away for over a week, I can purchase extra fruit/veg as required, ensuring a fresh and nutritious diet for your pet whilst you are away. 

Pet sitter

Puppy Visits

I can provide puppies with the extra time and care they require, in the form of feeding, cleaning up of accidents, toilet training, playing, training and companionship.

Once your puppy has been fully vaccinated he/she can start to be taken out for short walks, socialising with other dogs, people and the outside environment, during this time I can reinforce any training you have started.

Puppy care puppy visit

Medication Administration

As  a qualified Veterinary Nurse, I have many years experience in administering tablets, medicines, creams, drops and giving injections and clipping nails.
I am also experienced in caring for animals with a wide variety of diseases and conditions, so knowledgeable in recognising and monitoring the symptoms of many conditions, so you need not worry about your pet while they’re in my care even if they require medication

Dog Walker Cat Sitter

Free pet care consultation

When  you contact me, I will arrange an initial meeting with you and your pet(s) at your home. This is so I can get to know you and your pet(s) and give you the opportunity to ask any questions, detail your requirements and decide whether you think I am the person suited to caring for your pet(s).  
There is no charge for this and you are under no obligation to commit. At the end of the consultation I will simply leave you to think about what’s best for you and wait for your call.



Group Dog Walk (one hour)

Each additional dog (one hour)

1-2-1 Dog Walk (one hour)

House visit (up to 30mins)

For puppies, cats & small pets

Nail Clip (per pet)



£10 One visit per day

 £17 Two visits per day




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